Race Rules

  • Pre-Entries will open up on the Monday before the race and will close at 5:00PM (CST) the Friday before. The pre-draw along with the exhibition pages will be posted by 8:00cst on the Friday before the race. (unless otherwise noted on race flyer)
  • If you pre-enter you are responsible for your fees. The only exception is if you draw-out before the pre-entries are posted. Failure to pay fees will result in being put on the Barrel Bingo Prodctions fine list for your entry fees. View Here All fines must be paid before you are allowed to enter.
  • Pre-entries must be paid before your first exhibition or by the time the books close the day of the race (whichever comes first).
  • For payments we will accept cash, check, PayPal (Friends and Family), Venmo or credit cards (4% fee).
  • Any returned checks will have a $35 NSF fee applied to the payment and will be put on the fine list immediately.
  • WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE ANY ENTRY FOR ANY REASON. Inappropriate behavior by contestants or spectators may require us to ask you to leave the grounds (if this happens there will be no refunds).
  • Free For All Exhibitions – If time allows these exhibitions will take place before the regular exhibitions. There will be no running order and you have to be taken during the allotted time slot. Any unused exhibitions will be fortified and there will be no refunds.
  • Regular Exhibitions – There is a 60-second time limit for each exhibition and they will be run in order signed up for. If you miss your exhibition it cannot be rolled and will not be refunded.
  • On-Stake Exhibitions – We will be offering a limited number of on-stake exhibitions and there will be a 45-second time limit. We will be dragging after every 5.
  • All Exhibitions – If you go over your time-limit there will be a $10 fine for every 20 seconds that you go over.
  • Every race will offer a 4D Open Race, Senior 4D, Youth 4D and an Adult 4D class. Youth, adult and Senior Class have the option to run only in the class, run in the open and class (meaning two runs) or run in the Open 4D and carry their time over to the class. You must declare prior to the books closing. Carryovers not marked on entry will be assumed as running twice!
  • We will drag every 5 runners.
  • You will not be allowed to circle a barrel during the Open Race. If a barrel is circled you will receive a $50 fine.
  • No switching of draw positions. HORSE MUST RUN IN POSITION DRAWN! Horse and rider changes will be noted on official’s sheet. If a horse runs out of order or in the wrong position it will be grounds for DQ.
  • All reruns will be the decisions of the Arena Director. Rerun will be on fresh drag. Arena Director’s decisions are FINAL. In the case of a timer malfunction rider will be offered a re-run. PRIOR PENALTIES WILL APPLY. If rider chooses to run again, any penalties made during re-run WILL apply to official time.
  • Failure to answer 3 gate calls will result in Official’s scratch. FAILURE TO FOLLOW THIS RULE WILL RESULT IN OFFICIAL SCRATCH.
  • NO schooling horses in arena – excessive whipping, jerking, etc will not be tolerated and may result in a $50 fine. Anyone caught using an electronic shocking device will be disqualified and banned.
  • 4D Payout will be progressive with ½, ½, 1 Second splits. It will be 100% of the added money plus the payback stated on the event flyer. The D split will be 35% to the 1D, 30% to the 2D, 20% to the 3D, and 15% to the 4D.
  • 4D Payout Chart
  • 1-16 17-33 34-70 71-113 114-162 163-220 221+
    1st 100% 60% 50% 40% 33% 29% 24%
    2nd 40% 30% 30% 27% 24% 20%
    3rd 20% 20% 20% 19% 17%
    4th 10% 13% 14% 13%
    5th 7% 9% 10%
    6th 5% 7%
    7th 5%
    8th 4%

  • All fines must be paid by the end of the event, any fines unpaid will go on the fine list which will be posted on our website and Facebook page. Fines must be paid before you are allowed to enter the next race. We reserve the right to deduct any unpaid fines from pending winnings.
  • All winnings will be paid out by check.
  • All checks will be void after 30 days and replacement checks will have a $10.00 charge associated with them.
  • We make every effort to submit our results to Equistat so it is recomended that you enter your horse under its registered name. We will also accept entries for horses entered under their barn name. We will NOT accept any entries entered under Horse 1, Horse 2, etc.
  • We reserve the right to change or add new rules at anytime.

Year-End Points and District Awards

  • You must be an NBHA Member and declare "TX05" as your district to be eligible for Year-End District Awards.
  • You must meet the TX05 Member requirements.
  • There are no minimum amount of races needed to qualify for end-year awards.
  • There are no maximum amount of races included in year-end points, all points will count towards year-end awards.
  • Awards and amount of awards are still to be determined.

World Qualification

  • -Under the NBHA's Open 5D (5 divisions) format, all horses and riders, regardless of age, sex, ability or experience, run in the same class. Although Directors have the choice to do the payout, results and year-end awards in a 4D format, points for the year-end World Championship qualifier list must always be formatted in a 5D. The five divisions are decided by time intervals based on the times actually run. Whichever district(s) sanction the show, their district members’ fastest time will set the time for their district points.
  • -The NBHA awards points to members IN ALL DIVISIONS on a 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 basis for first place through fifth place. In an event of a tie, the award point for the tie placings are added together and divided up evenly.
  • -Competitors may ride as many horses as they wish in each class. However, the competitor with multiple entries will receive points only for the highest placing horse within each division.
  • -Point totals are based on rider only. Each rider will have only one-point total for each division regardless of how many horses are shown throughout the year.
  • -Each district may qualify for the world show ten (10) total riders in each division of each class (Open, Youth, Teen, and Senior) unless applicable ties cross over the 10th place position. Ties consume the number of places that there are competitors, for example, a two way tie with 6 points each for 3rd place then consumes the 3rd and 4th place collectively.
  • -A competitor may qualify only one entry for the NBHA World Championships in each of the Open, Youth, Teen or Senior 5D divisions. Refer to the NBHA RULE BOOK Section C for complete rules on points.
  • -For Youth World qualifiers, the year-end points must be broken down into Youth and Teen. Ages are: Youth 12 and under; and Teen 13 to 18, as of January 1 of the competition year.
You can view the NBHA Rulebook HERE